Frequently Asked Questions

What is chamber music?

Chamber music is instrumental music performed by a small ensemble with one player per part. Ensembles can be composed of any variety of wind or string instruments and include duos, trios, quartets, quintets, and sextets. The majority of chamber music ensembles do not use a conductor. 

How is chamber music different from an orchestra?

In an orchestra there are multiple players per part, whereas in chamber music there is one player per part. In chamber orchestras, there are still multiple players to a part, but fewer than in a symphony orchestra. 

What should I wear?

Some people like to dress up, some like to be casual. Come to our concerts in what makes you feel comfortable. 

When should I arrive?

It is best to arrive 20 to 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled concert time. 

Where can I learn about the music before the concert? 

Pre-concert events are free to ticket holders and are a great way to learn more about the musical works and artists before the concert.  They typically begin at 6:45 PM and include talks, interviews with artists, recitals or a film. There are also detailed program notes given out to audience members. 

What happens if I am late to a concert?

If you are late to a concert, you will be seated by an usher between movements or after the completion of the first piece.  Likewise, patrons who leave the hall during a piece will be seated between movements or following the completion of the piece. 

How long is a typical concert?

The main series concerts last about 2 hours with a 25-minute intermission. 
Listen @ The Library concerts usually last 50-60 minutes. 

When should I applaud?

While a short pause generally follows each movement in a work, it is not customary to applaud during these breaks. Instead, wait until after the final movement of the work. 

Can I bring children? 

Due to the length and setting of our Seligman concert series, it is not generally appropriate for children under the age of 8. 
However, we encourage families to attend our free and interactive Listen @ The Library series at the Novi Public Library.  Last season this popular series was filled to capacity for each concert. Listen @ The Library presents world-class artists performing informal concerts for a multi-generational audience. The series takes place on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 PM. The 2012-2013 series is still being finalized; please check for updates here. 

How can I learn more about the Chamber Music Society of Detroit?

Learn more about the Chamber Music Society of Detroit by signing up to receive email notifications, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Exploring our website and press room is also a good way to get to know the Chamber Music Society of Detroit. 

How can I place an ad in the Chamber Music Society of Detroit program book?

To advertise in our program book, call or email Christine Blair at 248-855-6070 or

Does the Chamber Music Society of Detroit offer gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates for Chamber Music Society of Detroit concerts and series are available. They make wonderful gifts for music lovers and can be purchased in any quantity – either single tickets or subscriptions.  To purchase your gift certificate, call our office at 248-855-6070.

I’ve never been to Seligman Performing Arts Center.  Where is it located on the Detroit Country Day School campus?

Seligman Performing Arts Center is located at 22305 West 13 Mile Road, near the corner of Lahser and 13 Mile Roads in Beverly Hills.  To enter the campus, take the driveway entrance on the north side of 13 Mile Road just east of Lahser.  At the top of the driveway you will come to a circular driveway.  The parking lot is on your right, and Seligman Performing Arts Center is on the far left side of the circle.

What refreshments are offered at the Society Café?

The Society Café offers a variety of inexpensively priced desserts plus spring water, coffee, tea, and in the colder weather, hot chocolate.  Desserts vary from concert to concert and may include cookies, biscotti, brownies, bars and cupcakes.

What arrangements to do I need to make to dine at one of the CMSD’s partner restaurants before a concert?

Simply call the restaurant to make a reservation and let them know you are a Chamber Music Society of Detroit patron.  Then, bring your ticket(s) with you to the restaurant and show them to the host or maître d’.  More information and restaurant phone numbers may be found on the Restaurant Partners page.

What amenities does Seligman Performing Arts Center offer to handicapped patrons?

Seligman Performing Arts Center is wheelchair accessible.  There are four wheelchair seats available in Row X, and there is an elevator in the lobby that can take patrons to the upper rows of the hall. A wheelchair is also available upon request; please try to call 248-855-6070 ahead of time and let us know if you will require a wheelchair.

Personal sound amplifiers are available for the hard of hearing.

There are a number of handicap parking spots in the circular driveway at Seligman.  Please let a parking guard know if you need a handicap spot.

If a subscriber is unable to use his or her ticket for a concert, can it be turned in?

Subscribers may call in advance of concerts to request that their ticket amount be donated as a tax credit if they are unable to use their tickets for a concert.  Subscribers may also call to exchange tickets for another concert during the 2012-2013 season, subject to ticket availability. 

Why did the Chamber Music Society of Detroit reduce its ticket prices for the 2012-2013 season?

The Chamber Music Society’s primary goal in reducing its Signature Series and PNC Piano Series prices in 2012-2013 was to make the concerts more accessible to new, younger and more diverse audiences, and making ticket prices competitive with other cultural offerings in the metro Detroit area, helping to ensure that the organization continues to thrive in the coming years.  A robust marketing plan will complement this initiative. 

What is the inDepth Series?

New this year, inDepth presents six world-class artists and ensembles appearing at some of downtown Detroit’s exciting newer venues. Featuring an informal ambiance, opportunities for audiences to interact with the artists, eclectic programming, lower ticket prices and refreshments at several of the venues, inDepth allows CMSD artists to share their artistic personalities and passions in ways that are not always possible in a formal concert setting. Each inDepth event takes place on a Friday, the night before the artist’s main series concert at Seligman Performing Arts Center. 

The Chamber Music Society is looking forward to welcoming new audiences to the inDepth concerts, but we also hope that series subscribers will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the artists twice, in two different contexts, with an entirely different focus and different repertoire.   For more information on inDepth, please click here.

What ticket discounts are offered to students?

Student tickets are being offered at half price accross all venues with CMSD.

How do I make an endowment gift to the Chamber Music Society?

Many loyal supporters have chosen to make endowment gifts to the Chamber Music Society of Detroit as a way to ensure the longevity of the organization and its contribution to the cultural growth and enrichment of our community. Charitable Planned Giving contributions may be made to the Chamber Music Society in a number of ways including monetary gifts, bequests, trusts, and insurance plans. For more information about Charitable Planned Giving, click here to send an email to Steve Wogaman at the Chamber Music Society of Detroit, or call Steve at 248-737-9982.


Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, discounts begin at 15% for groups of 10 or more; larger groups receive higher discounts.  For more information, please contact Christopher Zavac, Marketing and Sales Manager, at 248-855-6070 or

Is there information available on your Facebook page that’s not available on your web site?

Facebook provides an opportunity for the CMSD to communicate last-minute information to its followers, such as program changes, last-minute ticket discounts and other offers.  Please like us on Facebook and begin receiving special announcements!

If you have questions that were not answered in the FAQ's above, please call 248-855-6070 or email